Increase Your Life Sciences & Lab Equipment eCommerce Online Sales – 7 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

As someone deeply entrenched in the life sciences and lab equipment eCommerce space, I understand the challenges and opportunities businesses like yours encounter daily. In this blog, I’ll share seven proven digital marketing strategies that I’ve personally witnessed drive remarkable results. 

These recommendations aren’t just theories; they’re practical approaches that can significantly boost your eCommerce revenue based on my extensive experience.

#1 Prioritize User Experience

life sciences lab equipment ecommerce digital marketing

In a world where every click, scroll, and interaction on a website matters, curating a user experience (UX) that is both seamless and intuitive is not a luxury for life sciences & lab equipment eCommerce merchants but a necessity.

The dynamics of Lab Equipment B2B eCommerce, particularly in the life sciences sector, are evolving, wherein professionals such as researchers, scientists, and doctors increasingly anticipate a B2C-like shopping experience. These experts bring consumer-grade expectations to every sales interaction, anticipating seamless, intuitive navigation, and user-friendly interfaces on both desktop and mobile platforms. 

Constant investment in UX, championed by a dedicated team continually optimizing the shopping journey, not only enhances user engagement but has notably boosted eCommerce revenue in our agency’s extensive experience.

Key Points: 

  • Your customers expect a B2C-like shopping experience (desktop & mobile)
  • UX is not a ‘set and forget’ element; it demands continual refinement
  • Designate an individual or a team as the champion of UX within your organization is pivotal
  • UX investment can significantly increases your online revenue (based on our experience)

#2 Invest In Better Product Merchandising for Your Life Sciences Lab Equipment Products

A surprising number of life sciences & lab equipment eCommerce websites still provide incomplete product information or rely on downloadable product PDFs, which are not user-friendly. Transitioning such data into digital formats and comprehensive web content is imperative to create product pages that are not only informative but also encourage conversion (sales). Quality images and thorough product descriptions are paramount for engaging product pages that facilitate and motivate purchase decisions.

Key Points: 

  • Provide complete product pages with compelling product copy
  • Incomplete product pages are hurting your online sales
  • Apply best practices to sell products online 

#3 Optimize Website Search Functionality

life sciences lab equipment product search

The importance of robust search functionality cannot be overstated in selling life sciences or lab equipment, where customers typically know what they seek, especially when catalogs are extensive. Unfortunately, many eCommerce platforms offer rudimentary search functionalities that do not support natural language processing or intelligent filtering.

Considering the pivotal role of search features, which are central to 70-80% of B2B eCommerce experiences, leveraging specialized search solutions to maximize eCommerce search is essential. Third-party search solutions, like Algolia, can be used to deliver superior search experiences powered by AI and advanced search technology.

Key Points: 

  • 70-80% of B2B eCommerce experience is search
  • Customers that search have higher purchase intent and are most likely to purchase
  • Deliver the best search experience by using advanced third-party search solutions

#4 Streamline the Checkout Process

Life Sciences & Lab Equipment customers anticipate a smooth, straightforward checkout experience akin to their B2C shopping experiences. Implementing best practices, such as enabling guest checkouts and offering a single-step checkout process, in our experience, significantly diminishes cart abandonment rates. Each additional step or potential hurdle during the checkout process can equate to a lost sale.

Furthermore, enriching the checkout experience with flexibility in payment options, like accepting credit card transactions and purchase orders, and ensuring straightforward processes for tax exemptions contribute to a user-friendly shopping journey.

Key Points:

  • Simplify checkout, one-step checkout works best
  • Make it easy to pay by credit card or PO
  • Ensure straightforward process for calculating taxes & processing tax exemptions

#5 Don't Forget SEO

life sciences SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential—it’s about making your website easy to find when customers search for products you sell on search engines like Google. It starts with identifying ‘keywords,’ which are the terms your customers might use to find your products online. By understanding and implementing these keywords effectively across your website—particularly in product categories and menus—you ensure that your site surfaces in customer searches.

Specialized tools, such as SEMRUSH, can assist you in uncovering which keywords might be relevant and valuable for your business. Surprisingly, many Life Sciences & lab equipment companies overlook this crucial step and consequently miss opportunities to appear in Google searches that could lead to potential sales.

Key Points: 

  • Determine what keywords your customers are using to search for your products
  • Use those keywords to optimize your website menu & product categories

#6 Facilitate Easy Access to Resources

life sciences resources

In the life sciences and lab equipment domain, numerous resources, such as videos, documents, product manuals, and application notes, can significantly aid the sales process. Centralizing these resources on your website, making them readily accessible on pertinent product pages, not only supports customer purchase decisions but also leverages SEO, driving traffic through resource searches and augmenting the overall user experience.

Key Points: 

  • Make finding important product resources online easy for your customers.
  • Product resources published online can also help in generating web traffic through SEO

#7 Leverage PPC & Shopping Ads

ppc life sciences
Given the substantial demand for life sciences & lab equipment products online, utilizing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which encompasses tactics like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Shopping Ads, presents a significant opportunity to reach a targeted audience actively seeking your products.

Though larger players may dominate the ad space, niche life sciences & lab equipment manufacturers can strategically harness digital advertising platforms like Google to capture specific demand segments, driving high-intent users to their products.

Key Points: 

  • There is a high demand for life sciences & lab equipment products online.
  • Search engine marketing can be used for generating immediate targeted web traffic.


In the competitive world of life sciences and lab equipment eCommerce, a customer-centric approach backed by strategic digital marketing strategies is essential. Prioritizing user experience, improving product merchandising, optimizing search functionality, streamlining checkout, focusing on eCommerce SEO, facilitating resource access, and leveraging PPC and Shopping Ads can significantly enhance your eCommerce revenue and user engagement. Invest wisely in these proven strategies to stay ahead in the market.

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